Blackstone 1554 Griddle Cooking Station, 36-Inch

Are you going for massive griddle buffet? With tension how to do all these grilling activities within short span of time, a long queue of waiting hungry guests. Fortunately Blackstone has made all these things so easy with its super quality Blackstone Griddle. Now you can easily speed up all grilling based cooking activities with help of this amazing kitchen appliance. Blackstone 1554 Griddle Cooking Station, 36-Inch is one of the best product by Blackstone. If you like grilling then you would definitely give chance to this very flexible performer!

Blackstone 1554 Griddle Cooking Station, 36-Inch Great Specs and Features

  •  Easy to Assemble
  • Heat Evenly
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Quick ignition button
  • High quality four burners with independent functionality, so you can easily switch from one mode to next height level. Different heat supply for different types of cooking. You can also change heat level according to heat requirement in different stages of cooking of same food.
  •  High quality of food with efficient heat control. Easy to control heat burners, remedy for tasty cooking
  •  Vast enough cooking surface approximately 36 X 21 Inches, making big feast easy!
  •  Stainless steel burner for long life span
  • Four high quality industrial caster wheels ( two are lockable)
  • It has propane tank
  •   It has the capability of providing 60,000BTU ( 15000 Per burner)
  • 1 AA batteries required
  •   It has four wheels for easy maneuverability
  •   You can easily remove the top of griddle
  • Cleaning is easy with Sturdy steel frame is powder coated feature
  •   Users’ Manual Included
  • Product Weight : 120 Pounds
  • High customer satisfaction with 4.6/5 Stars
  • A reliable customer support system

Blackstone 1554 Griddle Cooking Station, 36-Inch Description

If you have to cook a huge variety of foods in short span of time with waiting queue of guest then this Blackstone 1554 Griddle Cooking Station, 36-Inch is a smart choice. This appliance is fit for cooking like pancakes, steaks, hamburgers, fired rice veggies, your imagination is limit! It is equipped with supper quality independently controlled four stainless steel burners. These burners are so flexible to operate that you can easily control the intensity of heat supply. It produces 600000 BTU (15000 per burner).So your grilling experience is now in your full control.

It has vast enough cooking space (36ʺ x 21ʺ) for preparing big feast. You can easily place 18 burgers and couple dozen eggs and still have plenty of empty space.

You can easily move this appliance with help of four high quality castor wheels.

Blackstone Griddle

Where to Find the Best Deal For This Blackstone Griddle

It is one of the best sellers in griddle category. So there are many online merchants currently offering this kitchen but with variable prices. They are charging different prices for same appliance. We have visited many online stores and found the following deal the best one…

Best Price
Category: Kitchen & Dinning
List price $ 316.94
Shipping: Free…
You Save: Check Special Offers!
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours With Free Shipping.

AS there are many brands currently circulating in grilling market, each of them has their own pros and cons. But as far as our market research is concerned this appliance is the best satisfier. The main attribute of this appliance is the positive results for majority of its users. Its current users are happy with performance of this appliance and happily recommend it. Below is the paraphrased Voice of one such satisfied user…

I have no idea what others users are saying about this appliance. For me this appliance is simply awesome!
When I got, I first seasoned it. It took about an hour to complete this season process. The whole process is explained in detail in user manual accompanying this appliance. This seasoning gives it Grandma’s cast iron color. It also creates a nonstick surface. Before the seasoning this grill surface is kind of greenish but after as passed it through seasoning it assume nice dark black color. Another point is this appliance has vast cooking space. I put 18 burgers and couple dozen eggs and still have empty space to accommodate more.
I would definitely recommend this best former.

(By K. Christensen)

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