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Nowadays almost every kitchen is equipped with ovens. This device is loved for its ease of use, for time and energy saving. Ovens have basically two types as supply of heat is concerned, Traditional (conventional, redial or thermal) and convection. The main difference between conventional and convection is that conventional oven is not equipped with fans and is dependent on radiation from equipment’s walls, while convection has fans. Convection oven fans continuously circulate hot air inside the equipment and helps even foods cooking on all sides and also inside and out. Cooking process is highly accelerated resulting in energy and time saving in range of 25 to 35 %. They can be used for other tasks as well besides baking. They can defrost frozen meals, broil or roast meals, heat foods.

convection oven

Due to efficient use of provided heat convection oven reduces cooking time and energy usage. Because of efficient usage of heat foods can be cooked at reduced temperature resulting in energy and cooking time saving by 25 %.

Choosing the best available product for your assigned budget needs attention to paid to some diverse attributes the product possessed. Different products have different features and different practical capabilities and quality pluses and minuses.  The attributes the product assembled have direct link to its price tag. How much a customer is paying for particular feature of product? So before taking decisive step to purchase a product a customer has to pay attention to some decision factors e.g. do you have taste for baked foods? What is size of your family? Are you a regular cooker or just spasmodic?

Before purchasing this tool it is important to have some knowledge about its size. They are basically available in three different sizes, complete size oven; it has sufficient space for accommodating large 18 by 26 sheet pans. They are also bakery size model. They can accommodate the standard size (18 by 26 inch) pan sheet length wise as well as width wise. Half size is the smallest available ovens with capacity of 18 by 13 inch. The sizes of pans we can use in these equipments are scrupulously determined for the sake of efficient airflow pattern and circulation. So it is important to properly determine the size of pans you will be using with your product.

If you are not going to engage in big cook task like to roast turkey or baking large cakes then counter-top convection oven is the best choice for small kitchen. It is the best solution for busy and small families because it can easily serve their purpose. This small choice can also take littler of their available kitchen space.

Price factor is also important in selecting the tool which satisfies your calculated needs. How much your needs or expectations from your product are and how much you are ready for each satisfying factor? Based on size, brands and other attributes their prices oscillate between cheap to very high level. Large ovens are generally more expensive as compared to small ones. Brands selection is more dependent on people choice. People are more ready to purchase from trusted brand. If the brand is satisfying customers’ expectation in other market areas then the customer is more ready to purchase that brand. Prices are also determined by the features of products. A product price goes up with addition of features e.g. timer setting, accessories, automation etc.

These kitchen products are available with single and double doors. Full size is available with double doors with facility of open at same time while other are singled door.

Convection ovens are available in different colors and designs. To satisfy your aesthetic and the overall interior design of your kitchen, you need to pay attention to color and design of your choice.

There is no doubt that convection ovens are useful in time and energy savings. To find the right model it is necessary to properly evaluate all the contributing factors before purchase decision. Hope for better results and value for your spent money.

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