Cookware Reviews

Cookware market has different types and brands of cooking sets. Cookware reviews and selection of suitable product for your kitchen from the available stock is sometime confusing and time consuming especially when your required product has many available options in terms of material, designs, shapes, quality, prices, suppliers, brands and product’s health effects.

So your cookware reviews and analysis should mainly focused on the above eight factors.

The most important factor of cookware reviews and selection is the material of the product. Most of the benefits and drawbacks are resulted from material composition of the product. Kitchen utensils are made of different types of materials. To select pots and pans with best materials required to pay attention to various pros and cons of the cookware’s material. The best cookware types by material are cast iron, stainless steel, nonstick cookware sets, copper, hard anodized cookware and environment friendly green cookware.

Cast iron

cast iron

Cast iron is loved by professional chefs for its even heat conductivity and slow cooking process which is sometime important for proper cooking and food taste. Some of the iron also leaked into your food which is beneficial component of your dieting plan. They are tough and heavy which means they are durable.

Due to its thickness it conducts heat slowly. It takes more time and more energy to cook food. So you have to sacrifice time and energy for sake of professional and properly cooked food. Cast iron pots have rusting problem. So they need proper maintenance. They are also heavy and can cause problem for people with back or hands problems.

Stainless steel

stainless steel Cookware sets18/10 Stainless steel is considered the best cookware by cooking expert. These pots and pans have many assembled attributes of other materials based cookware. They are light in weight as compared to cast iron. They are corrosion and rust free which is main problem with cast iron. This is the best choice of health conscious people because these pots are non reactive means you can cook any type of food without fear of chemical substances leach into in your food. Taste of food also not affected by these pots. 18/10 stainless steel has nonstick quality if used under proper heat condition.  They are durable, dishwasher safe. Basic models of this cookware are cheaper as compared to other material made pots and pans. They have shining surfaces and can contribute to overall kitchen design and beauty. It is easy to clean. You can also get the shining surface back by just simple polishing the damaged surface.

In pure form these pots are not good conductors of heat. However this deficiency can be removed by purchasing utensils with copper coating at the bottom of the pot.


Copper cookware

These pots and pans are good conductor of heat and facilitate slow cooking process. Professionals love it for this attribute.

Copper is expensive and toxic. They are reactive with acidic foods. Its surface becomes dull after some use so it should be polished to get its luster back. Copper leaching out into food can cause fatigue, irritability, nausea, hyperactivity. However this issue can be solved by purchasing pots lined with tin or steel.

Hard anodized cookware

Hard Anodized cookware

If you are in search of cookware which exhibits easy cooking and cleaning of nonstick, good heat conduction of aluminum, steel like durability of its anodized exterior then hard anodized cookware set is best for you. These pots are harder than stainless steel with life span of more than 20 years. These hard anodized pots and pans don’t screech easily. They heats up quickly and do not rust. They do not leach into your food during cooking. Hard anodized cookware is also best option for people who want to use less amount of oil in their food. These utensils are best for energy, time, calories and money saving.

Green cookware

green cookware

Green cookware is a nonstick aluminum hardware which is free of two chemical substances called Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE (generally known as Teflon by its brand name) is the nonstick coating substance while PFOA is the substance used to adhere PTEF (nonstick layer) to the surface of pan. Traditional nonstick pots have both these two substances. Both these substances are toxic.

PFOA can cause cancer, deficiency in immune system and miscarriages. PTEF can kill birds and can cause flu like symptoms in humans.

Green cookware is best alternative for non stick cookware with all nonstick qualities of nonstick cookware without the environment and health hazardous which the traditional non-stick cookware possessed.

The green cookware sets are the responses to consumers demands for eco and health safe products. Several companies are now making products which are PFOA and PTFE (Teflon) free. They are using alternative materials like hard anodized aluminum and ceramic titanium.

So to protect environment and your health upgrade your kitchen with green cookware.

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