Granite Ware 0730-2 Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer, 20-Quart Reviews

If you are looking for a quality pressure cooker plus canner then you are on right place to explore one of the best products in this category “Granite Ware 0730-2 Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer”, comes with excellent features for taking your pressure based cooking to next level, reliable and succulent results every time. This pressure cooker /canner is originated from a trusted brand “Granite Ware”, a company famous for manufacturing premium quality kitchen products.

This Granite Ware 0730-2 cookware comes with 3-in-1 cooking features includes;

  • Pressure cooker
  • Canner
  • And steamer

It performs all these three functions in professional way, so you can just spend money on one pot and enjoy three different cooking styles in highly professional way.

As A Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker comes with marvelous pressure cooking features cooking your favorite food in quick span of time when compared to traditional cooktops. It is a perfect tool for preserving nutrients, flavor as well as tenderizes tough cuts of meat and makes possible cooking of variety of food in substantially low time one third to one eight when compared to traditional cooking top methods. It is large enough to meet the cooking space required by big family.

This pressure cooker comes with pop-up pressure indicator ensures locking the lid in place. It is safe and can’t be opened if there is just one psi pressure exists inside the cookware. The vent pipe is positioned in the center of the lid and in case it fails or clogs, there is an supplementary black capped safety valve set to go off and a second all metal safety valve will exhaust residual pressure while at same time producing a whistling alarm.

As A Steamer

It serves as a perfect steamer; no need to invest your money in this kitchenware. The built-in steaming function serves as same way as the separately bought professional quality steamer. You can steam your favorite food stuff such as meat, fish, vegetables and more without bothering to using a separate cooking pot. For achieving this professional steaming purpose this steamer comes with steamer insert easily fits into the stepped portion of the vessel about 1/3 the way up from the bottom of pot to keep the food out of the cooking liquid and just exposes it to steam creating a spacious perfect environment for seafood, tamales, pot roast, ribs and more.

It comes with robust construction formula; made of hard anodized aluminum making it fit for long lasting performance. The stay cool handles allow cooking without burning experience. While the pot tight fitting locking stainless steel lid keeps the heat, moisture, flavor and aroma intact for healthy and delicious cooking experience.

As A Canner

This multi-functional pressure pot can also be used as canner. Canning is an economical way of preserving fresh food while at same time retaining the important nutrients and vitamins found in these items. It comes with generous space includes;

  • 7 one-quart jars
  • 8 one-pint jars
  • Or 24 half-pint jars

Where To Buy This Granite Ware 0730-2 Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer

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Features and Specifications

  • Product brand name: Granite Ware
  • Product model number: 0730-2
  • Color: black
  • Size: 20 quart
  • This Granite Ware 0730-2 cookware comes with 3-in-1 cooking features includes;
    • Pressure cooker
    • Canner
    • And steamer
  • Adjustable 3- piece pressure regulator system calibrated at 5, 10 and 15 psi
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Product weight: 11.2 pounds
  • Product measurement: 14.5 x 14.2 x 13.4 inches


If you want to buy this pressure cooker/canner but still interested in exploring its features in more detail then click on this link Granite Ware 0730-2 Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer Reviews.

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