Green Cookware

Green cookware possesses all the benefits of the traditional non stick cookware without the potential health and environmental hazardous. Cooking and cleaning is now easy because of these utensils. Cooking with less or without oil has made possible by these kitchenware. Despite of all these merits of traditional cookware have you ever bothered to think about these traditional pots are good for your family health and your environment?

Traditional nonstick cookware has health and environmental issues. These utensils are made of two types of toxic substances, PTFE [Generally known by its brand name “Teflon”] and PFOA [PerFluoroOctanoic Acid]. PTFE is the substance glued to surface of pan while PFOA is the adhesive used to stick the PTFE to surface of pan. Both these substances are toxic.

PTFE is not stable at high temperature and starts decomposing above 260° C and releasing fumes which are dangerous for small animals like birds and can cause flu like symptoms in human beings. PFOA on other hand can cause miscarriages, deficiency in immune system and cancer.

Greenware is the industry response to consumers’ demand for health and environment safety. Green cookware is free of PTEF and PFOA.

Cookware industry now has many brands of green kitchenware. The major brands are Ozeri, Cuisinart, Orgreenic.


Ozeri Green Earth Smooth Ceramic Nonstick Frying PanOzeri uses ceramic as coating as opposed to traditional non stick cookware which is made of PTFE and PFOA and other harmful substances. Ozeri’s pan nonstick cover is stable at very high temperature and no harmful toxic fumes are released in the atmosphere. Ozeri’s Green pan uses 100% pure nature based ceramic coating. The nonstick surface of this pan is more durable and scratch resistant as compared to other non stick surfaces. Cooking and cleaning are easier with these pots. Now you can cook with half little amount of oil. Cleaning is not now an issue after enjoying a good food. It is made of high quality hard anodized aluminum. Hard anodized aluminum allows for even cooking and browning food without hot spots. Heat resistant handle is another feature of this product.

Cuisinart GreenGourmet

Cuisinart  Nonstick Cookware SetCuisinart’s GreenGourmet cookwares non stick surface is made of petroleum free ceramic based coating. Its manufacturing process reduced the amount of carbon emission. Its coating is water based as compared to other nonstick cookware surfaces which are solvent based.

It is scratch and water resistant, harder than stainless steel, highly wear resistant and durable.

Less amount of energy is required for cooking due to its super heat conductivity. Securely riveted stay-cool steel handles is another added feature of cuisinart green gourmet cookware. These handles are made of 70% recyclable stainless steel and are oven safe to 500° F.

Orgreenic cookware

Orgreenic Non-Stick Cookware SetOrgreenic is green nonstick, nontoxic (PTEF and PFOA free), ceramic coating with capacity to tolerate high temperature so stove and oven cooking is possible with these cookware. It is durable and high resistant against scrubs. After thousands abrasive scrubs lab test confirms that foods still slid right out.

If you want your kitchen activities should be eco and health friendly then green cookware is better choice for you. Hope for better affects on your health and environment after purchase of green kitchenware.

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