Moscow Mule Copper Mug

For all those folks who want to get a cup with impressive looking and great quality then Moscow Mule Copper Mug 16 Oz is the ultimate choice for them. It is great for your own Moscow Mule recipes. The reason behind Moscow Mule popularity is the design of this cup. If you want to give your Moscow Mule recipes same fabulous touch then get one and serve well.

Moscow Mule Copper Mug Detail

Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Great Design

This cup is marvelously designed for Mule cocktail lovers. As we know cup designed also played a vital role in making this cocktail popular. It is uniquely designed with easy to hold thumb place. It is made of high quality solid copper with stainless steel exterior lining and copper accent handle.
Due to its fabulous design and looking it will make your cocktail part amazing. You can offer it as gift to any age group inside your family, friends and colleagues. Great impression everywhere!

Quality Is Guaranteed

First all the necessary steps have taken in its preparation and material selection process. High quality copper is used in its construction with stainless steel lining on cup while handle is copper accented. Despite of these quality steps if you found your cup with any damage then you should contact the retailer as soon as possible and we will replace it.

Easy to Maintain
It is vital for lasting shining and quality that after every use wash the cup with warm water and gentle normal soap. Please make sure, no chemical or other hard detergent is used. After cleaning dry it with soft cloth.

  • Not dishwasher safe
  •  Not microwave safe
  •  Hot beverages can damage it.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs 16 Oz Features and Benefits

  •  It is the favorite choice of Bartenders.
  •  Solid double wall for long and durable life.
  •  The cup is made of copper with stainless steel exterior lining. The handle is also made of solid copper, attractively copper accented.
  •  Ideal for
    1.  cocktail party
    2. Giving as gift to kids, parents, friends and colleagues
  •  Product Size: 4.2 Inches x 4.0 Inches x 4.2 Inches
  •  It has food and liquor safe coating, long lasting beautiful and lustrous surface.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain. Wash with warm water and gentle soap. Then dry it with soft cloth.
  •  It is not dishwasher, microwave and hot beverages safe. All these activities can damage its lustrous and great looking shine.

Buy Cheap

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It is important to go for this best offer now. The supplier has freedom to increase this price any time.

Final Word!
If you have taste for cocktail or want to give your kids, parents, friends and colleagues an amazing gift then this Moscow Mule Copper Mugs 16 Oz is perfect choice. This product is specially designed for serving Moscow Mule but it is also handy for using in other serving activities also. A great reason for the popularity of Moscow Mule, grab and grasp this cup! For more information about this cup click here Read More..

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