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Modern kitchen is considered incomplete without non stick cookware. These pots and pans popularity is due to many factors like convenience and health. No one wants to waste his hard won free moments of life by cleaning stubborn utensils. They also made our cooking experience easy due to its nonstick quality. Now even a newbie can cook without fear of burning of food. And the most striking feature of them is its health benefits; because of non-stick pots we can cook food with fewer amounts of fat or even without fat. There are vast varieties of nonstick utensils; even the best one has its drawbacks so the selection process is not easy. Different factors needed to be considered to select the good quality nonstick cookware.

non stick cookware

In past the best alternative of nonstick utensils was cast iron. Even with advent of modern non-stick pots and pans it is still in use. The main promising feature of cast iron is its longevity for which it is mostly loved. Cast iron set can be passed from generation to generation. The main disadvantage of cast iron is its maintenance. To keep its surface rusting free they need regular cleaning with table salt.

Nonstick utensils have special coating which makes them stick free. Silicon coating is used in some cookware. They are the cheapest cookware that will not allow the food to stick. Their main drawback is that it can’t resist the heat of stove. So they mainly use for baking.

Nonstick cookware quality and price is influenced by the layers of substance (PTEF) use in its manufacturing .PTEF stands for polytetrafluoroethylene. There are single and multiple layers PTEF cookware. The single layered cookware is the cheapest one. Main flaw of it is low resistant to scratch and so it needs faster replacement as compared to other cookware.

Multiple layered cookware posses the highest quality. Pots and pans with more than one layer of nonstick substance enhance the life span of cookware. The more layers the cookware the more good quality food it will produce. Multiple layered cookwares are expensive as compared to single layered.

Nonstick cookware is loved by health conscious people for obesity control as these pots give us the option to decide the quantity of oil in our food. Despite of health benefits they also cause health hazardous. The Teflon coated pots and pans have side effects if not properly used.

Traditional nonstick pan has dangerous chemical substances and there was research that these substances react with food at high temperature. With the advent of green nonstick pots with ceramic and diamond coating health hazardous substances of traditional nonstick have been replaced.

Non stick cookware is best option to cook healthy food by curtailing the quantity of oil in our foods. They also make our task easy when we come to cooking and cleaning utensils.

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