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To make kitchen a source of delivering the tasty and healthy foods, besides of other factors it also depends on pots and pans set you’ve selected. There is a vast variation in cookware market in terms of quality, materials and prices of pots and pans are concerned. When selecting kitchenware you have to consider how much space of your kitchen you want to occupy with these utensils and also the amount of budget you assigned to this.

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The decision making of buying new cookware set is not easy. It requires paying attention to lots of diverse factors e.g. price, quality and materials and physical structure of utensils. The choice is also affected by health benefits and drawbacks of pans.

There are enough choices of materials available for cookware but to select the substance with ideal attributes is not available. Every material has pros and cons. Available cookware types by materials  are copper, aluminum, stainless steel, , cast iron,   non stick, ceramic, enamel and glass.

Copper pans is preferred choice of many chefs for its good heat conductivity and also good for slow cooking but main disadvantage is its reactivity with acidic foods. Copper toxicity can produce health problems like fatigue, nausea, hyperactivity, irritability etc.  So it is important to purchase copper pots lined with steel or tin to reduce chances of toxicity.

Aluminum utensils are good conductor of heat and with plenty of variation and easy to wash. Aluminum can cause aluminum poisoning because of aluminum reactivity with foods which are acidic in nature.

Stainless steel is best choice of health loving people because of its low reactivity with foods as compared to other materials. Stainless is not good conductor of heat, which can result in foods burning. This problem can be solved by purchasing pots coated with copper at its bottom.

Cast iron utensils are good for slow cooking. They are tough and heavy. But it is necessary to prevent it from rusting. To keep free it from rusting it is necessary to regularly clean them with table salt.

Nonstick cookware needs little or no oil, fat for cooking thus making it is good choice for health conscious people. They are easy to wash. As far as traditional nonstick cookware materials are concerned they have some health issue. Traditional nonstick cookware has two substances PTFE (Know as Teflon by its brand name) and PFOA. PTFE is the nonstick substance while the PFOA is the adhesive used for sticking PTFE to surface of pan. Both these substances are toxic and can cause health problems like cancer, deficiency in immune system and miscarriages.

Green cookware is industry response to health issue of traditional nonstick cookware. Green cookware is free of PTFE and PFOA. They are made of hard anodized aluminum and ceramic titanium.

Ceramic, enamel and glass pots and pans are good conductor of heat. They are easy to wash. They distribute heat evenly.

By investing in low quality and cheap pots and pans set you are not going to do any good to your health and kitchen. Low quality materials badly influence your cooking experience and also cultivate health hazardous for you. So it is better to think in long term.

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