Pressure Cooker

Before the advent of pressure cooker you have to wait for hours for some foods to enjoy. Some stubborn food still remained uncooked after hours of steady cooking. Now with this magic device you can cook your food within minutes. With these pressure devices cooking of rice, vegetables etc are just few minutes exercise.

Pressure Cooker

There are three main generic types of pressure cookers, the first generation or old models and second generation models and third generation or modern cookers which are also called electric cookers.

The old generation models are still in circulation in market. These models have valve on its top which produces annoying sound. The new models have pressure selector which eliminates the noisy valve of old model cookers.

Safety issue still exists with these old models. They are not considered safe because you cannot control level of pressure accumulates inside the device. The only safety measure is to keep it out of reach of children and in case of emergency someone has to put his safety at risk to save others.

First generation models have no systematic pressure release system. On completion of cooking these pots are allowed some time for pressure release or they are put in cold water for forced release of inside pressure and temperature bring down. These old models have no safety system and there is no guarantee for its safety, they can explode any time.

The second generation models have replaced the valves of old models with spring valves. It has built in facility of increase and decrease pressure. They are air tight, so there is no chance of steam discharge.

The third generation models or electric cookers, they are the most advanced form of pressure pots available in market. They have improved the safety of these pressure kitchen utensils to great extent. They have built in system of pressure control inside. The cooking data can be monitored with help of installed microchip system inside the cooker. It is easy to adjust the pressure if it is too low or high. Modern cookers have the ability to release pressure quickly with just push of regulator without losing inside heat. So with this facility you can add recipe’s ingredient without losing heat inside the pot.

electric model cooker

Electric models of cooker have made your life easy by eliminating the phobia you have about its explosion. They also have made cooking very easy. Cooking with old model is time consuming especially when your recipe has many steps of ingredients addition. For every step you have to release pressure and heat. Now with new models you can release pressure with just push of button without releasing inside heat.

These advanced models of pressure kitchen devices are very safe and easy to use as compared to traditional one. As the appliance is electric, the open flame danger is completely eliminated. They do not release excess heat so the temperature of your kitchen is not increased.

They have reasonable life span because they are made of stainless materials. They are also easy to clean.

Electric pressure cooker is the best option as compared to traditional cookers but you have to pay more to avail this bundle of safety and professional cooking experience. With this advanced cookware you can enjoy cooking in calm and safe environment. Hope for better results after selection of your new cookware.

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